Discover the cultural heritage that surrounds Metepec. Culture for everyone, all year.

All weekends

Festivals, and plays are performed as well as concerts, art exhibitions. Introducing the Band of the City Council, the municipality talleristas gather to support child development of fine arts such as painting, clay modeling with the teacher Benito Soteno, among others.

February. Festival of Love

It takes place the closest to February 14 Sunday. The event begins with the reading of the legend of St. Valentine. The band plays dance groups while boasting the good Danzon; talleristas also involved the Ayto, folk dances, mariachi arrive, the street musicians and recognized nationally and internationally bands.

March : New Fire Ritual

It is celebrated with Aztec dances originating Metepec, dancers make their presentation of Ixtlahuaca, there are poetry readings and storytelling of prehispanic legends.

April . Tlanchana Fest - Festival of Film and Digital Art

It is a meeting point between film and digital art for appreciation, expression and international audiovisual exhibition, taking as headquarters to the magical town of Metepec.De this way, Tlanchana Fest opens its doors to other expressions of audiovisual art, such as sound art, installation, Intervention, Photography, art object, among others, with the firm aim of promoting synergies between the exponents, their works and the viewing public.

San Isidro Labrador from 27 April to 13 May

He is the protector celebrates planting sporting and cultural events, arts and crafts; agricultural and industrial products. Among the celebrations highlights the Paseo de los Locos enlivened with rides, yuntas parade, dances and palenques sowers and San Isidro Fair with guest artists.

Chimera Cultural Festival from 12 to 21 October

At the festival you can enjoy recitals, concerts, dances, outdoor theater, lectures, painting exhibitions, exhibition and sale of handicrafts both the State of Mexico and around the country.

Giving exposure October 30 to November 3

The sample is placed in the House of Culture of Metepec or on the steps of Calvary where various schools developing their own offerings participate. The centerpiece of the exposure corresponds to the skeletal remains corresponding to a burial matlatzinca found in Hill of the Magueyes.